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Key Information

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School Staff

Miss Beci Smith                      -                    Headteacher
Mrs Charlie McCarroll             -                    Reception Teacher Foundation Stage Unit
Mrs Helen Wawman                 -                    Key Stage 1 Teacher (Years 1 and 2) Class 1
Mrs Tan Attewell                    -                    Key Stage 2 Teacher (Years 3 and 4) Class 2
Mrs Louise Byworth                 -                    Key stage 2 Teacher (Years 5 and 6) Class 3
Mrs Jane Mills                        -                    Teaching Assistant Class 1
Mrs Angie Williams                 -                    Teaching Assistant Class 2
Mrs Jill Rodgers                     -                    Higher level Teaching Assistant Class 3
Mrs Sarah Smeeth                 -                    School Cook
Mrs Jane Mills                        -                    Meal Time Assistant
Mrs Annette Coles                  -                    Meal Time Assistant
Mrs Carrie Wait                      -                   Meal Time Assistant
Mrs Anne Pringle                     -                   Meal Time Assistant
Mrs Emily Fenwick                   -                   Administrator (Finance)
Mrs Lydia Feneley                  -                    Assistant Administrator

SENCO                                   -                   Mrs Helen Wawman (Contact 01566 772191)

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